Now that Advent is over, there are 12 days of Christmas to celebrate!   Need some ideas?

12 Days of Christmas - Catholic Mom

Having finally gotten the hang of making Advent a time of waiting, I have become obsessed with the 12 Days of Christmas.  On one hand, there are a world of traditions to pull from.  On the other hand, people who still try to observe the 12 days of Christmas, are well, spread all over the world.   In a country where the Christmas stuff is 70 percent off on 12/26 and the Valentine’s Day stuff is out the next week, it’s hard to find a balance between real life and old time living.   Obviously, I’m still working out how I can make it work in our family.


Go check out the 3 awesome articles + 3 cool instant use resources for celebrating the ACTUAL Christmas season over at!

Jen S.

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