Every year, we eat the same thing, give or take. If we are having guests we may add a thing or two that only Bones eats since he will have help. Here are our Christmas Feast recipes. Remember, there are 12 Days of Christmas and we celebrate the whole time ;).

Christmas Breakfast

We are ALWAYS home for Christmas morning & breakfast always includes some combination of the following recipes. I prepare them all the day before & put them in as soon as I wake up. It cooks while the kids open presents & play. By the time it’s ready, so are they!

Company’s Coming French Toast Casserole
Hashbrown Casserole
Easy Overnight Breakfast Casserole
– plus sausage, ham, or bacon
– orange juice

Christmas Dinner

We usually visit Al’s grandparents in the evening on Christmas Day, so we make out big Christmas dinner around 1:30. I usually go overboard. Drives hubby nuts, except he loves leftovers so it all works out! I generally like to cook from scratch but I’m more concerned about eating good food & enjoying my family, so I splurge on things like yummy rolls!

– Ham and/or Turkey
– Mashed Potatoes (with goat’s milk & butter since we are mostly dairy-free)
– Gravy (homemade if I cook a turkey, from a jar if I don’t)
– Corn Casserole (or plain corn this year — dairy-free!)
– Green Beans
– Squash (no recipe- cut in half, take out seeds, put face down in pan with 1/4 inch of water. Cook until fork tender. Scoop squash into bowl. Add (LOTS OF) butter, plus a dash of pepper).
– Crescent Rolls or Sister Schubert’s rolls (bought)
– Chiffon Cake
– Pumpkin Pie
– sparking grape juice

Christmas Treats

dessert squares
– Chex mix
– gingerbread (cake style)
party cupcakes



What do you eat every Christmas season?

Jen S.






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