So back in the day when I decided to have two websites, I purchased a bunch of cloth reusable pantyliners off Etsy to review.  That was TWO years ago.  I guess I can write a pretty good review of them now, eh?  Unfortunately, one is no longer available!

randumosity pantyliner review

I bought a custom set of 4 for $22.00 + $4.20 (shipping) from Randumosity.   These are no longer available, but they are made completely of cotton flannel.

wee essentials pantyliner review

I also purchased this custom set of 3 ULTRATHIN pantiliners for $12.00 + $2 (shipping) from WeeEssentials.   Made from only 2 layers of flannel you barely know they are there.   Unfortunately, they tend to lose their shape/form quickly over 2 years and give me more wedgies than any of the other pads.  They now sit near the bottom of the pile.

caroline pantyliner review copy

And I purchased a set of 3 on sale for $10.44 (free shipping) from Caroline’s Creations.   This particular set is made of cotton flannel & contains 100% all NATURAL, U.S.A. grown, cotton batting.


I also purchased pantyliners from two of the BIG mama cloth sellers, LunaPads and GladRags.

lunapads pantyliner review

The LunaPads were $23.98 + $5.00 (shipping) for the “Mini’s” and they are made from 2 Layers of 100% cotton flannel base topped with gusset panel made with 2 layers of soft and absorbent 100% cotton fleece.

gladrags pantyliner review copy

The GladRags were $22.58 + $5.00 (shipping).   These were also made from cotton, though specific details are not given.  They ARE made in the USA (I think LunaPads are Canadian).   I have to say that I HATED these and they have lived at the bottom of the pile nearly the whole two years.  Not only are they poorly constructed of two long pieces made into a cross shape, but they were tiny with no choice of size and they didn’t stay put.  Talk about unnecessary butt-picking!  Ahem.

moon mother pantyliner review

In addition, I also received several different pads from Mother Moon pads while I was doing reviews for Simply Stacie.   You can see that full review here:  Mother Moon Pads Review @ Simply Stacie.

Keep in mind that all of these were purchased about 2 years ago now.  Inflation and all that, right?

Ranked from least expensive to most expensive were:

  1. Caroline’s Creations – $3.48 each
  2. Wee Essentials – $4.67 each
  3. Randumosity – $6.55 each
  4. Glad Rags – $13.79 each (!)
  5. LunaPads – $14.49 each (!)

Best Cloth Pantyliners

I would say that Caroline’s Creations, Randumosity and LunaPads had the best ones.  They have all worn the same over the last two years with no difference between them.  I loved them all and would totally purchase them again.

I wouldn’t buy Wee Essentials ULTRATHIN’s again because I just don’t like how they age.  I’m not a fan of wedgie picking.   Sorry.   And I would never recommend GladRags.   They were so tiny and wiggly, they just weren’t useful!

Based on that, I would say to check out Etsy for cloth pads — don’t go with the big boys.  The quality isn’t any better and you will pay twice as much — or more!

As a price comparison, I purchased more around Easter this year from EcoAlternatives and got a set of 4 for $16.00, not including shipping.  I lost a few and several are on the not frequently used part of the pile.  I also purchased mama-cloth for after the birth of our next and I will share how I liked those.  Probably by the time #4 is born and I’ve used them twice :).

Do you use cloth menstrual pads?

Jen S.



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6 Comments on Cloth Pantyliner Reviews

  1. 'Becca
    19 April 2013 at 10:33 AM (9 years ago)

    Nice reviews! But I’m confused about whether you recommend Luna Pads or Glad Rags. In the first descriptions under the photos, you seem positive about LP and say you hated GR. But at the end, you recommend GR and not LP.

    Here’s my article about earth-friendly feminine hygiene, with pad recommendations. I haven’t tried any of the brands you did. I used cloth liners daily while pregnant (less often since then) but the ones I like aren’t made anymore. 🙁 If I were buying new ones, I’d make sure to get some at least 6″, ideally 7″ long; that helps them stay in place.
    ‘Becca´s last blog post ..Fast, Frugal, Fruit-Flavored Oatmeal (or, how to use up the jam stuck to the jar)


    jen Reply:

    You are right — I did get my brands confused/mixed-up in the summary. I fixed that. The LunaPads were great and the GladRags were NOT.

    I agree about the length. The brands I recommended are all about 7-1/2″ now. My new ones are a little longer, coming in at about 8-1/2″.

    Thanks for the comment!


  2. Kaira
    11 April 2013 at 11:49 AM (9 years ago)

    I have used cloth pads for years. When I first heard of them I was skeeved by the concept, but once I learned all about how toxic disposables are I had to try it. My girlfriend and I decided to make our own and our first attempts were downright pathetic, but SO comfortable! I was a tampon loyalist and those cloth pads were great. Pretty quickly I bought a serger and started making my own. They are really so nice. We are a camping family and we spend so much of our summer in the woods that I had to find a way to manage my cycle while camping. I bought very expensive organic tampons for 2 camping trips before I decided that was just too costly. I bit the bullet and purchased a Diva Cup for use when camping and I love it. I mostly use my Diva Cup now, but I am still a cloth loyalist and actually just got new materials to make another set. I love seeing people writing about cloth alternatives! Today I’ll be stitching up new cloth napkins with a bunch of beautiful quilting fabrics a friend passed on to me yesterday. If you haven’t tried cloth napkins, I can’t recommend them enough. 🙂


    jen Reply:

    Thanks for the info, Kaira! I really have liked the pantyliners and see no reason I wouldn’t like them the rest of the time, too.

    I have a disposable Diva Cup type thing but haven’t used it yet and probably won’t be able to for a while.

    Thanks for the input!



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