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Frankly, I was pretty happy with all the options that I tried as cloth diaper wipes.  Some were better as diaper wipes than others, but they all did a decent job.

The best budget (single-layer) wipe overall – Gerber Baby Washcloths.  They were not only the cheapest, but I like terry best for cleaning poo’s.

The best luxury (double-layer) wipe overall –  Sweet Bobbins .   I liked the sweet bobbins best because they were super luxurious but also worked well on the poo.

Most Luxurious – J Holton Quilts – Minky.   These felt like a million bucks.  Seriously.



Alternative Uses

Several of these wipes will have an alternative use in our house. Here is how we be using them.

Stage One – Cleaning the clean(-ish)

The single-layered baby washcloths & anything with terry will start out in stage one. Stage one is used for baths & washing hands and faces. With an extremely picky little girl, we might go through 3 in a day on her alone.  That doesn’t include her baby sister who is very into self-feeding and mushes everything up in her hands.  Terry is great for sticky or stubborn things–peanut butter, chocolate, syrup, etc. Once they get dingy & gross, they are relegated to bottom duty (AKA stage two). I put an “x” on them with Sharpie in case they get mixed up.

Stage Two–Cleaning the Dirties

Everything else is for bottoms. The Terry is great for poops. Flannel is good for pees. The minky would be fabulous for diaper rashes. Frankly, I’m going to be keeping the minky for myself as family cloth (even though I’ll be the only one using it).


Cleaning the Cloths

We have a diaper pail for cloth diapers. We add both cloth wipes & family cloth to their for laundering.

When we are done with cloth diapers, I will probably have a small (dry) garbage can for family cloth, as well as cloth pads.


Do you use family cloth or cloth diaper wipes?  Any tips?


Jen S.



The Cloth Diaper Wipe Series is sponsored in part by:, a online store specializing in Itti Bitti cloth diapers, Rockin’ Green laundry detergent, and Moby Wrap slings.

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