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There are several different options for cloth diaper wipes, single-layered, double-layered, minky, bamboo velour, flannel, terry…   You could use anything you wanted, really.   Last week, I introduced you all to the contenders in my cloth diaper wipe review.     This week we are taking a look at the single-layered cloth diaper wipes — the terry wash cloths from Circo and Gerber, and the flannel wipes from Turtles R Us. 

First up, baby wash cloths from Circo.

The Circo wash clothes are not technically wipes.   They are, however, a good size as well as inexpensive and easy to find.   They are available at any Target store.    I like the wipes made from terry because I find that poop comes off much easier with the more textured size of the wipe.

One thing that I will say about the Circo washclothes is that the white ones seem to get dingy quicker–I have used them for years as baby washcloths and they always get very quickly delegated to diaper duty.   They also have this very annoying curling thing they do after lots of use, like paper that gets wet.

Next up, The Gerber Baby Wash Cloths.

Like the ones above, these are not technically diaper wipes either.   They are even easier to find since almost every mass merchandiser carries them and they are the least expensive.  They are slightly bigger than the Circo, but the size doesn’t seem to make much difference.  The textured size of the terry makes these good for poops as well.

And lastly, for this week anyway, the flannel wipes from Turtles R Us.

The Turtles R Us wipes were well made and a little smaller than both the Gerber and the Circo but it didn’t affect their usefulness.  In fact, I liked their smaller size a little better.  I have a tendency to fold the other ones into oblivion to use as much surface area as possible which gets her clean and me dirty.   The flannel are super soft and do a fair job of getting even poo off.   And I didn’t have to cut off tags :).

Overall, all the single-layered wipes worked well as cloth diaper wipes, whether they were intended for the purpose or not.   Next week, the double-layered cloth diaper wipes (AKA the luxury wipes!).

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