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When I was pregnant with my first daughter, I purchased a set of diapers, sight unseen, based on the advice of someone who had done all the work already. When they finally fit 3 months later, it was a huge production. Put the wet one in the pail, separate the disposable wipes from the diaper, carry a gross pile of wipes to trash, wash hands…you get the idea. It got worse when she could crawl & would find the wipes when we missed a step. Yikes!

Let me be the first to say (if you haven’t heard it already, that is) that if you want to cloth diaper, you need cloth wipes. They are just as essential as a diaper cover. I don’t DO extra work–I get the tools I need to do the job quickly & efficiently.  Frankly if it’s too hard or has too many steps, I won’t do it.

Over the next 4 weeks, I will review several kinds of cloth wipes (all paid for out of my own pocket) and how to use them to save your time & sanity.


Circo Baby Wash Cloths

Circo Baby Wash Cloths are available at Target.  They are made of single- layered terry and are 8″x8″ in size.  I purchased a 6 pk for $3.99 — about $0.67 each.


Gerber Baby Wash Cloths

Gerber Baby Wash Cloths are available at almost every mass merchandiser.  They are also single layered terry cloth and are slightly bigger than the Circo brand, measuring in at 9″x9″.   I purchased these in an 8 pk for $3.99 — about $0.50 each.


Turtles R Us

The cloth diaper wipes purchased from Turtles R Us on Etsy are a single-layered flannel wipe that are about 7.25″x7.25″ in size.   I purchased a pack of 20 for $11.99 (+ $2.75 shipping) — about $0.62 each.


J Holton Quilts – Terry

I purchased two sets of cloth wipes from J Holton Quilts on Etsy.   This first set is double layered — one side is flannel and the other side is terry.   They are also 8″x8″ in size.  I ordered an 8 pk for $8.00 (+ $3.75 shipping) — about $1.47 each.


Sweet Bobbins

The wipes purchased from Sweet Bobbins on Etsy were double-layered, also.  They are flannel on one side and organic bamboo velour (OBV) on the other.  They are 6 inches x 8 inches.  These were purchased as a 12 pk for $15.00 (+ $2.75 shipping) — about $1.48 each.


My Beautiful Girl

I purchased a set of wipes from My Beautiful Girl on Etsy as well.  They were double-layered:  Organic Bamboo Velour & Sherpa.  Since they were travel wipes, they are only 5″x8″.   I bought a 6 pk for $6.00 (+ $2.75 shipping) — about $1.45 each.


J Holton Quilts – Minky

The other set of wipes that I purchased from J Holton Quilts were also double-layered and the most luxurious sounding yet — flannel & minky.   They are about 8″x8″ in size.   A 10 pack was $13.50 (+$2.25 combined shipping) — about $1.52 each.


I have tried and reviewed each of these different kinds and sizes of wipes.   Next week, see how the single-layered cloth diaper wipes fared!

Jen S.



The Cloth Diaper Wipe Series is sponsored in part by:, a online store specializing in Itti Bitti cloth diapers, Rockin’ Green laundry detergent, and Moby Wrap slings.

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