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Earlier this year my daughter was REALLY struggling with being able to identify anything 10 or over.  Those pesky 10’s, 11’s and 12’s make no sense in English :).   In order to help her learn to identify them, I made these free printable spring/valentine themed go-fish cards to help children identify numbers from 9 to 25 (plus 6).


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To use, print 2 copies of each page of cards.  I would use cardstock.  My daughter is an EXPERT at trying to peek through the cards to see what I have :).  I also laminated them and then cut them out so they would last longer.   It’s been a great way for her to practice identifying those harder numbers and she really loves playing games so it worked really well for us.


As usual, these cards are for personal use only and cannot be modified or hosted anywhere but here — click on the graphic at the top of the post to download or right-click and ‘Save As…’

The graphics were purchased from MyGrafico and was the Cherry Blossoms set by Kika Esteves.


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  1. […] While the self-correcting puzzles were fun, you can only do so much with those a day.  I ended up making a set of Go Fish cards for numbers from 9-20 (and 6, because she was confusing 6 & 9, also).   Go Fish was her game of choice at the time and so she really learned a lot using these cards.   I would tell her the numbers at times and make her count at others and she began to get them the more that we played.   You can see my post and download the teen go fish cards here. […]

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