I haven’t posted in a few weeks but it’s not because I’ve necessarily flaked out. If you haven’t noticed the sideways mention in a few posts last week, we are expecting another baby.

The whole first trimester pretty much threw me for a loop :). Too tired to exercise and for the last few weeks, too nauseous to care much about specifically what I ate — I just wanted something that sounded good — which is typically something I need anyway.

So anyway, get healthy & fit will be morphing into occassional pregnancy updates as I show you my 12 week along self. In fact, we visit our midwife for the first time tomorrow and I’m super excited that the morning sickness has started to subside except for around bedtime. It’s almost more like motion sickness than morning sickness because it happens when I move from one position to another (sit to stand, stand to laying, etc.).

So I end the Get Healthy & Fit challenge with the following changes:

The Front – 9/5/2012 & 12/3/2012


The side – 9/5/2012 & 12/3/2012



  • Starting Weight:  160 lbs
  • Ending Weight:  161 lbs (estimate because I weighed myself after dinner, not in the AM like I usually do)

The rest of the stats?  Who cares!   I’m not body-building — I’m baby building :).

Come check out how all the ladies participating at Sidetracked Sarah’s did!

Jen S.



ot exactly body-building in the typical way right now; I’m baby building :).


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