There aren’t very many Solemnities or Feast days in March. We are still in the thick of Lent until the last Sunday which is Easter Sunday this year (2016).

Living the Liturgical Year - March

And because March 25 falls in Holy Week this year, The Annunciation is bumped to the Monday after Divine Mercy Sunday.

That being said, I have a short list of saint memorials & feasts this month:

March 17 – St. Patrick
March 19 – St Joseph

March 20 – Palm Sunday

March 24 – Holy Thursday/Maundy Thursday (The Last Supper/Washing of the Feet)

March 25 – Good Friday (The Trial/Veneration of the Crucifix)

March 27 – Easter (2016)

And if you observe the traditional month themes of the Catholic Church (or want to try to), March is devoted to St. Joseph.

How is your Lent going?

Jen S.

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