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I hesitated to pick St. Patrick as my saint for March’s Saint Picture Book Club pick. It’s such a common saint! Even non-Catholics know St. Patrick. And there are so many great books about the life of Saint Patrick.

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Saint Patrick’s Day Books

We have a good half-dozen awesome books about the life of Saint Patrick and I have 3 to share with you, in particular.

For Review- The Story of Saint Patrick

I was recently sent a copy of The Story of Saint Patrick by Laura Wagner. She has written a series of children’s books of saint stories and she sent me this book and another that I will share closer to Easter.

story of saint patrick inside review

These books are self published by Laura and available on Amazon. The Story of Saint Patrick is a very simple book. By that I mean, that the story is told very simply, making it suitable for young children. It is also very simply illustrated. It almost looks like they were made from a felt. She stuck to the well known parts and pieces of his story well and even included a bibliography. The dork in me loves that :). Its a very gently told story that mentions the kidnapping and escape in such a way that make it good for small children. Children as young as 3 could be exposed to the real story of Saint Patrick at an age-appropriate level.

Mom’s Favorite — Patrick: Saint of Ireland

Patrick: Saint of Ireland is my favorite book about Saint Patrick. This book doesn’t feel like an an encyclopedia entry. Instead, it’s a beautifully woven story of Saint Patrick. Joyce Denham does a masterful job of painting a beautiful picture of the life of St. Patrick.

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There is a lot of text on the page, but it’s so well presented that littler ones may not notice. It was unanimously voted the best new book in our home. It’s well worth the investment!


Kids Pick – St. Patrick’s Day

This is a book that bridges the gap between secular and religious. St. Patrick’s Day is a book that talks not only about the holiday & how it is celebrated in the US, but shares about the life of Saint Patrick as well as traditions from Ireland.

saint patricks day book review inside

It concludes with a handful of different legends of St. Patrick. It’s a book that would appeal to non-Catholics and not offend Catholics with poor history and inaccurate facts.

Other Favorite St. Patrick’s Day Picture Books

Saint Patrick’s Day Activities & Printables

If you are in the mood for doing a little more, you can check out the following activities based on the life of St. Patrick:

Saint Patrick’s Day Feasting

You could take St. Patrick’s Day Feasting down many avenues…Irish, green or symbols to name a few. Here are a few ideas for all three :).

Irish Foods for St. Patrick’s Day

Green Saint Patrick’s Day Treats

Symbolic Yummies

If you go to Pinterest, there are hundreds of ideas. Frankly, hundreds of ideas paralyze me, so I just shared a few :). Because St. Patrick’s Day almost always falls during Lent, I don’t really decorate for it, though sometimes I wish I did.

What about you? What are your Saint Patrick’s Day traditions?

Jen S.

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