Happy Easter!   Since we are in the Easter season until mid-May, every day is cause for celebration :D.  April’s devotion is to the Blessed Sacrament and there are a few feasts & solemnities of note.

Living the Liturgical Year - April


  • April 3 (2016) – Divine Mercy Sunday — a good idea to try and find a special service in your area since this is the Year of Mercy and all!
  • April 4 (2016) – Annunciation — since this fell in Holy Week (it’s usually 3/25), it was moved to the Monday following the first Sunday after Easter.  Perhaps pray a rosary today or just meditate on the First Joyful Mystery.
  • April 23 – St. George – one of my favorite saints! I meant to share my favorite St. George picture book last year for the Saint Picture Book Club but we got sick.
  • April 25 – The Feast of St. Mark
  • April 26 – Our Lady of Good Council

Do you have any favorite ways to celebrate the liturgical year in April? 

Jen S.

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