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That has such an ominous title. It really hasn’t been THAT ominous. This has been a summer of big changes around the Steed house, though.

I don’t normally talk much about it because who wants to listen to debbie downer all the time (my apologies to anyone who’s actual name is Debbie), but I haven’t been doing well lately.

My last pregnancy really kicked my butt and while I recovered from the iron/anemia issues, my progesterone and adrenals are suffering. I haven’t been tested recently, but I think my adrenals are getting worse quickly. I also suspect that my nutrients are still totally depleted. I am constantly in a brain fog and anytime I do anything requiring me to think (write, read, work), it gets worse AND causes me to lose patience in 0.4 milliseconds. I’ve been taking DHA/EPA and that helps some, but I’ve had to quit working and cut back (greatly!) on my two favorite things — reading and blogging/writing. I just can’t do it anymore.

On the plus side, we have been getting in some super quality family time.  I’ve been using the time I haven’t been reading and blogging in prayer and making sure I cook good foods to help boost my adrenal function. I also finally let hubs know just how bad it was getting so he could have a little patience with me and the levels of stress I can handle (like none–totally draining!).

In a related note, we will still be homeschooling this coming year, but it will look much differently than previous years. There won’t be as much curriculum reviewing going on. We are moving to more of a charlotte mason/classical approach as we add the almost 5 year old to the mix (mostly to keep her occupied and out of trouble). My oldest has been working a year ahead since she was 5 and I recently decided that this year we are going to slow it way down. For my health, her maturity and our family relationships.

We will scale back her school work for an Advanced Second Grade to let her maturity catch up with her ability before she plunges into the more demanding work that third grade requires. There are several subjects that didn’t get done the way they should due to MY error (history & writing/composition come to mind) and I’ve been pushing her to “catch up” to the higher grade in all subjects and I shouldn’t have been. We will concentrate on things I messed up and move slowly where we are ahead. I hope to (slowly, since I feel like a drunk trying to make a business plan most days) reassess what next school year will look like for the oldest and share later this summer.

Oh, and I’ve been shopping like mad.  I can’t think, so I guess I’ll shop?  I bought these shoes at Kohls.

My totally unnecessary shoe purchase from @kohls. Love them!

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And these outfits.

My score at @kohls today. A bit of a refresher to the boring mom wardrobe ;).

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And then I signed up for Instaglam and StitchFix. Isn’t the July Instaglam collection gorgeous?

Interested in fashion for moms with no time or energy?  Check out my instagram account for pics of all my new acquistions :).


What are you up to these days?  Any big changes in your house?

Jen S.


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