I’ve written a book review and a post about Catholic Apps for Lent over at Catholic Mom.com and didn’t get a chance to share them yet.

First, I found a book by Kathi Lipp, whose books I enjoy, called Clutter Free.  This would be great for a Lenten decluttering project

How have you been doing on your New Years Resolutions?  Was decluttering one of your goals?  While I had made great strides in decluttering & simplifying during our Florida excursion a few years ago, having kids & homeschooling have caused us to back pedal on our progress a bit.   As a result, clearing kid-related clutter has ended up on the radar this year.

9780736959131_centered_283x437I was recently able to review Clutter Free: Quick & Easy Steps to Simplifying Your Space by Kathi Lipp.   There are lots of simplifying and decluttering books on the market, but very few go into how the stuff got there in the first place.


You can read all of my review of Clutter Free over at CatholicMom.


The second post I wanted to share was a very simple way to quickly and easily spend more time with God during Lent, even for the busiest among us.

Menu of Lenten Apps

As usual, I spend more time planning than doing and Lent is no different. I’ve downloaded no fewer than 5 apps for Lent. When you add inthe handful of books, there is no way to read and do ALL of it. To make things easier, I’ve decided to narrow it down to one for each of the three pillars of Lent — prayer, fasting, and almsgiving…

Go to CatholicMom to see what 3 apps, I’ve been using to support the three pillars of Lent in my busy homeschool mama life.

How is your Lent going?

Jen S.


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