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While it isn’t ideal, the saint for February’s Saint Picture Book Club, St. Brigid, is super close to January’s Saint Picture Book Club saint.  Like the next day — February 1.

saint picture book club february brigid

It’s such a great book, though, that I really wanted to share it, so there you are.   St. Brigid is from Ireland and the book Brigid’s Cloak is a beautiful legend of a girl who was gifted a blue cloak at birth by druids and was transported to Bethlehem to witness Christ’s birth.  It’s a beautifully illustrated and told story and like all books in the Saint Picture Book Club, easily available from Amazon.  We bought the hardcover edition used, but it is now available in paperback (with Prime shipping).

Come back the week of 1/26 to see a full review of the book, as well as share your books and quick & easy ways to commemorate the feast day of St. Brigid.

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See you then!

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