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I’ve been getting a ton of pitches for product reviews lately. While it feels like there are tons of reviews on my site these days, I’ve started becoming more selective and cut WAY down on the number I accept–especially since I have quite a back log.

So when I got the email from Amanda about her new resurrection activities book A Sense of the Resurrection, I didn’t anticipate that I would be sharing it. But I did decide to read it because her Truth in the Tinsel is pretty cute.

Y’all, this is way better (thank you for indulging my southern-wannabe-accent). It’s so simple, but so profound. She uses the 5 senses to take you through the final few weeks of Jesus’ life. None of the activities are hugely consuming in time or supplies. But they are huge in terms of their impact.

There is no schedule, the activities do not build on one another. In fact, there are 45-ish days until Easter and only 12 activities. I personally plan to do as many activities in the 2 weeks prior to Easter as I can fit in. They correspond pretty well to the last two weeks of Lent, for you Catholics out there.

I’m really excited about A Sense of the Resurrection. If you are looking for an easy way to really impact your family this Lent, I highly suggest buying a copy. Amanda really knocked it out of the park with this one.  No kidding.

Go get your copy of A Sense of the Resurrection today!

Jen S.

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