As I was preparing for Lent, I found several quick & easy last-minute options for observing Holy Week with small children. If your Lent hasn’t been observed as well as you wish, here are a few easy options for Holy Week.

By the way, Sunday was Passion Sunday–have you covered your icons & statues?


A Sense of the Resurrection

We will be doing a Sense of the Resurrection this week and next.   I am really excited about this!   Go read my full review of how awesome a Sense of the Resurrection is!

Palm Sunday

easy palm crosses
– Easter egg hunt with Easter story (with these resurrection eggs)

Holy Thursday

– collect & count out 30 coins to represent the 30 pieces of silver that Judas got when he betrayed Jesus.  Put aside to take to church on Easter Sunday
– pray for an hour (“Could you not wait one hour with me?” in the Garden of Gethsemanie).

Good Friday

– No artificial lights from Good Friday until Easter or as much silence as possible on Good Friday.  Alternately, you could do it from 12-3 (from the time of the crucifixion to his death).

Easter Saturday

empty tomb cookies with marshmallows & crescent rolls


Do you have any Holy Week traditions?

Jen S.




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