I’m always looking for a fun way to bring God into my children’s life, both on church holidays and every day!   With Easter being the most important holiday of the year, I was really happy to get picked the the Egglo Entertainment review with the Schoolhouse Review Crew.


Egglo Entertainment

Egglo Entertainment‘s mission is to bring the light of Christ into Easter.   To aid in this goal, they offer a whole array of items to help change Easter’s focus from bunnies, baskets & chocolate.   We received the following items for review:

They also have stickers, a DVD and more available in their online store.


Likes and Dislikes

My kids could not, WOULD not leave these alone.   They wanted to do an Easter Egg hunt so bad!   It was even worse after reading the book.   They loved the book and my 3 year old brought it to me almost every day.  And it’s not a short book.  And some pages are all text with a little illustration on the opposite page.   The story was a really good one.

I would say its probably intended for older kids than mine–maybe 7-12, if I had to venture a guess.  The interactions between the kids was pretty spot on and the adventure/scavenger hunt was great fun. I’ve read a LOT of kids books and have probably read 100’s if not 1000’s of duds.  This is NOT in that category.  We have been happy to read it over and over.   It’s not a short book, taking about 30 minutes, but its a fun story.

When I don’t have time to read it, I turn on the audiobook.  The audiobook was well narrated, not too fast or slow and very professional.  It even had the old school “dings” to turn the page :).

The eggs themselves were too cool for words.  I couldn’t take pictures of them because I only have my phone camera.  My others were 6-10 years old and didn’t take great pictures so I got rid of them.  Anyway, the eggs charged great in the sunlight.  Yeah for the cold & frozen bay!   They were super bright and lasted for quite awhile.  After reading the stories, they couldn’t wait for me to read the scrolls.  Each of the 12 scrolls had a different bible verse.

The Egglo folks have also put together a program guide for putting on an Easter hunt with several activities & ideas.  Intended for church events, the guide contains ideas for decorating, snacks with discussion points, as well as suggestions for running the program,  the resurrection bible readings, q&a and even a lesson to bring the idea home.  There is another option for using the book and a scripture memorization activity instead.   The program guide includes tips for hosting & preparing for the hunt itself AND printables.  Printable decorations, invitations, coloring pages, stickers and even printable scrolls to go into the eggs if you don’t buy the scrolls.


Other Uses for Glowing Eggs

Honestly, my original intent for these was to put them in my kids beds as a surprise when they got home from an overnight, but grandma & grandpa were gone the whole time :(.  I also thought of these ideas:

  • as encouragement of God’s love & help when doing something new or scary (new bedroom, house, bed, hospital stay, etc)
  • if your kids wake up when it’s still dark, they could follow glowing eggs to their baskets
  • a nighttime Easter egg hunt.  We would totally do this if I didn’t anticipate still having 3 ft of snow on Easter. Although, glowing snow could be fun!
  • use for resurrection eggs; when they find them, they can find out what the contents mean.
  • a treasure hunt…to resurrection eggs, to easter baskets, to another egg. Whatever floats your boat.
  • decorations.  Wreaths, garlands, hang from a tree…wherever you would use regular Easter eggs, use these. Note that these come apart from top to bottom rather than in the middle
  • do a regular Easter egg hunt after the Easter vigil Mass
  • as a Saint’s day celebration gift or hunt
  • during a Little Flower’s Tea as a gift/momento
  • while teaching about virtues or gifts of the spirit
  • to introduce a new memory verse, illustrating how even in the darkest days, it’s never dark when we store His word in our hearts

As you can see, there are many ways to use them as an example of God’s shinning light all year long.


We really enjoyed using The Egg-cellent Easter Adventure materials. I’m excited to use them as a part of our Easter each year and also as a part of our Little Flowers scripture memorization.  We did our egg hunt for these several weeks ago and my youngest still requests the book every day and talks about it.  This is going to be the longest Lent ever as we hide the alleluia and cover the statues, before we see His light again!

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