Today is the last day of 5 Days of Cleaning & Organizing.   Have you had a chance to check out the other 21 ladies this week?   I’ve been talking about my favorite cleaning tools — for cleaning carpet, cleaning hardwood floors, washing dishes, and bathroom cleaning tools.   Today, I’m going to share my other miscellaneous cleaning tools.

1.   Toothpicks.

My husband was actually making fun of me the other day because we never use toothpicks for their intended purpose.  My daughter was using them to clean playdoh out of her Ice Cream Factory playset.  I use them to clean grooves in the high chair & kitchen chairs, as well as detail work on the cabinet doors.

2.  Toothbrushes.

Toothbrushes are great for all sorts of detail work, including working stains out of clothes, the track on patio doors (hate cleaning those!), and the corners around sinks and faucets.

3. Libman Microfiber Floor Mop

 I love the Libman Microfiber Floor Mop.   Why didn’t I mention it during the post on hardwood floors?  I don’t use it on the floor.  I use it to clean my walls.  Makes it super quick!

4.   Mr. Clean Magic Eraser.


Not only is this great in the bathroom, but it is essential for cleaning up after my little household terror.  It gets marker off of siding, crayons, paint and misc scuffs off walls.  But even a magic eraser has trouble getting marker off of the aluminum trim on the sliding patio door, though.  Luckily, the sun helps to bleach what the magic eraser can’t get!

5.  A GOOD Feather Duster.

Several years ago before I found blogs, I found FlyLady and she finds the GREATEST tools.   I got my feather duster from her years ago and it really works well.  Better than that, the kids think it’s a game!

What are some of your favorite cleaning tools?


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