Since my dear hubby is the one who does all the actual grilling around the Steed home, I asked for his help in compiling this list.   We have most of this but 1 or 2 items are on his wish list.   Without further ado, here are our Top 10 Charcoal Grill Gear picks.

1.  Grill cover.

Our grill is on the deck near our kitchen.  It makes it super easy to get to, but it’s out in the elements 12 months a year.  We’ve found that this grill has lasted twice as long as the last one (so far), just by investing in a grill cover!

2.  Hardwood charcoal.

I wish I could say we ONLY use hardwood charcoal, but a lot of times it’s hard to find.  If you can find it, it’s definitely superior to even Kingsford.  Please, don’t use the MatchLight, though.  It makes the food taste funny and I’m sure that it can’t be good for you either!

3.  A good copper cleaning brush.

I have to say that we aren’t great at cleaning our grill–especially after using.  What we do is scrape off the gunk while the coals are getting up to temp with a good copper scrub brush.

(If you care to share a guest post on grill cleaning, I’d love to hear from you!)

4.  Heavy duty humburger turner/spatula.

I bought hubby a grill tools kit one year and they were just okay.  I hate to say it but we took terrible care if them–we didn’t even bring them inside for winter.  Needless to say, we bought a nice heavy duty set with long handles and not only do they work awesome, but we like them enough to take care of them.

5.  Long handled tongs.

The kit we bought included some really long (and strong!) tongs.  They are fabulous, not just for food, but for moving coals around, adjusting the grate etc.

6.  Lighter fluid.

I had mentioned not using MatchLight charcoal earlier because of taste.  To get the coals hot, however, it’s best to have a little help.  Lighter fluid works great–just be sure to make sure you’ve burned it all off or the food will taste funny.

7.  Charcoal chimney.

This is on our wish list.  My husband had been using the ash catching thing on the bottom to start the fires until he realized that he burned all he paint off.  Oops.  So now we are in want of a charcoal chimney.

8.  Meat Thermometer.

We are big fans of not cooking the taste out of our food, so meat thermometers are ESSENTIAL equipment in our kitchen.  For grilling, we like the simple probe ones as opposed to the ones with cables & timers.  We are mostly spot checking on the grill :).

9.  A folding deck table.

This is totally on our list.  I saw it in a catalog and tried to buy it, but got shot down.  It’s made its way back to our wish list.  It would be great to put plates, salt, and let’s be honest, his beer, next to the grill without worry about it taking a 8 foot fall.

10.  Apron.

Last, but not least is an appropriate grilling apron.  Face it, it’s dirty (ashes, fire, lighter fluid, raw meat) and I’d rather have a dirty apron than try to clean icky stuff out of his clothes.

Do you use a charcoal grill or gas?  Or do you have both?  Which do you prefer?


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Jen S.



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