Since today is the 11th anniversary of my marriage to my wonderful husband, I’m going to point you to an article I wrote over at Homemaker’s Challenge last month, 5 Ways to Make Your Bedroom a Refuge.

Photo Courtesy of tinymine

My husband and I were married for seven years before we had kids so I was an EXPERT at making our bedroom a haven.  Since then, I have had two daughters and not only have we nursed & co-slept with  both of them, but they stayed in our room until after they weaned.  One was about 3 before we all moved downstairs so she could have her own room.  The other is 2 and counting and has had her own bed since about 9 months.


Go over to read my 5 Ways to Make Your Bedroom a Refuge and love on your hubby.  I will be ;).

Jen S.

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