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I have had Simplified Dinners since August and I’ve been internally wrestling with how to write this review.    Mystie sent me a copy of this ebook and let me know that I could take several months to adequately test it out before I wrote the review.   And I did.   But only kinda.   This is no ordinary cookbook and so no ordinary review will work.

Here’s my story.   I have a freezer full of beef & pork.   And a full pantry.   And I never have anything to eat, know what I mean?    Then I got Simplified Dinners and read through it.  It’s only 16 pages long, but the content is revolutionary to me.    As such, I’m not going to tell you what about it was so amazing because I don’t want to give her whole idea away.

But, what I will say, is that it’s well worth the $12.95 asking price.   I wish I could tell you that I used some of her “recipes,” but I didn’t.    Some of them, I had a similar recipe for, and some of them weren’t my family’s taste.   And there are a few on my list to try, but we don’t have that kind of meat or a slow cooker right now.   But the way she outlines her method for simplifying dinner and how she always ensures that there is something to eat has been life-saving for me.

In fact, I refer to Simplified Dinners regularly because it helps me identify options that I haven’t tried in a while and reminds me of family favorites for which I have everything on hand.  I haven’t even used Plan To Eat in months and I used to use it all the time.     I’ve even started thinking about making a similar plan as her dinner plan for lunch and breakfast, just to keep my brain together, especially as life gets busier.

So yeah, 300 words to say that I really liked Simplified Dinners and it’s revolutionized the way I think about dinner (and breakfast and lunch) without ever having tried a single recipe.     Because really, it’s not about the recipe — it’s about getting it done.   So if you perpetually struggle with cooking regularly, like I do, give Simplified Dinners a try!

Jen S.

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