Last week was exhausting; my 2 year old is teething and so is a little grumpy and not sleeping well.   When she doesn’t sleep well, neither do I :).



Again, though, I was pretty happy with how well I ate, considering.   I had lots of veggies and fruit.   I even ordered a new blender part so I can have smoothies again every so often.    Our CSA has included a large number of squash lately and I LOVE squash.

Fruit/Veggies:  daily

Juice: 1 (oj on Sunday)

Pop: 0 over goal

Choices over water: 1 (egg nog — yum!)

Eating Out:  same as goal — we had pizza on Halloween, due to unexpected family in town and I think we went one other time, but I can’t remember now.



I’m doing as well as I can expect for this particular season in my life.   We’ve had some major changes to deal with that I will share with you all in the next month or so.  Until then, go check out all the ladies participating in the Get Healthy & Fit Challenge at Sidetracked Sarah’s!

Jen S.

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