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First,for the girls (age 1 & 4).   We will be using the following resources for Lent this year:

Lent/Catholic Resurrection Eggs @ Catholic Icing

Stations of the Cross on Fridays

Bring Lent To Life by Kathleen M Basi (see my review @ Catholic Mothers Online) and Welcome Risen Jesus by Sarah Reinhard.

Lenten Countdown Calendar @ Catholic Icing

Holy Heroes Lenten Adventure

It sounds like a lot and I’m sure that we will remove some things as we determine what catches her interest.


As far as Lent for ME goes, I have several things in mind.


I’m going to continue my daily Rosary as that is one of my new habits for the month.   I’m going to add in Stations of the Cross on Friday’s.   I also have a daily mediation book for Lent from the Magnificat folks that I will read.


This one is the hardest because it’s so subjective.   As always, we will eat very simply every day (less dessert, no pop, fewer sides, etc), no meat on fridays, probably less on Wednesdays, renewed effort to eat out as little as possible.  Friday Fish Fry’s are not included in this of course :).

If you are interested, Katie @ Kitchen Stewardship (who I’ve known since kindergarten), is having a sale on her Everything Beans Book until Midnight tonight.   If you enter code NOTAFISHFRY at checkout, you will only pay $3!  If you are looking for new meatless meals or want to get to know beans better, this is a great resource that I will be using this Lent myself.

Due to the fact that I still nurse frequently (mostly at night!), I’m not going to be officially fasting according to the normal definition of fasting.   I will, however, be fasting from certain frequently used items (especially junky ones) in my diet as a form of penance.   Even though Sunday’s are not included in Lent, we don’t take Sunday’s off.

I may watch The Passion of the Christ.  I haven’t seen it yet.  I think I have a shot at watching little pieces of it while kiddo’s are asleep.   I’ve never had that before.   And I’m scared to death.  Hopefully hubby will hold my hand and watch it with me.


We will be doing the Rice Bowl thing this year, I think.  Now that Lil Bit is into counting the calendar with money associated with numbers of items will be concrete for her.

What kind of things have you done during Lent?



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