Hot air balloons, San Diego, California
Hot air balloons, San Diego, California (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Ok, I know I said I wasn’t posting this week.   But the end of Lent is nearly here.  And I’ve failed miserably.  Not only did I fail in doing most of my Lent Resolutions, I’ve failed in my general February and March goals, too.

My February goals were to say a daily rosary, exercise frequently, and be consistent in my discipline.   I said a daily rosary about 1/3 of February and hardly at all in March.  I didn’t exercise much in February due to a THREE WEEK crud that wiped me out, BUT I started running again in March and am on week 2 of my Ease into 5k plan.   After Easter I will add weights/abs to it.   I don’t want to go nuts and get sick like I always do :).   And consistency?  FAIL.

My March goals were to read the Magnificat morning devotions daily, give hubby my full attention, and stick to my housekeeping schedule.   I read my Magnificat about 1/2 the time–enough that I justified renewing my subscription.   I’ve done okay about giving hubby my full attention — most of the time.   I’ve also done okay in sticking to my housekeeping schedule which is pretty fast and loose at this point.   The hardest part for me is always the kitchen– I. Hate. Doing. Dishes.   I’ve told you why I hate doing dishes, right?   Twenty years later and it’s no better.

But there is hope in failure.   If I hadn’t made my goals, I wouldn’t be any further ahead.   In fact, I’d probably be going backward.   And while I haven’t achieved perfection, I have made forward progress.  I aim for God first and while I don’t always make it, I’m closer.   Lucifer’s getting nervous & he’s nipping at my heels ;).   My honey is turning more into a close second and I’m working on night-weaning (mostly for me but there are benefits for him, too ;D).   And I’m spending more time with the kids and less on the computer — even though my posts are more frequent, God has been blessing my efforts with inspiration, productive naptime writing on my iPhone and evening pockets of time.   Overall, my failures are still a turn in the right direction.

There is still a week left to offer sacrifices for God.   I’d rather have small failures on the right road than large successes on the wrong one.    How about you?

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