I’ve logged in for the first time in months & noticed someone linked to me (DSIL).   Reading her last post made me realize how silly mine will be but oh well.  I FINALLY got off my butt and called Christ the King to find out who to cal about Mothers In Christ.  I wanted to find out if i had to put her in the daycare or if i could keep her with me.   we’ve still not left her alone with someone else & i don’t know when i will.   She doesn’t see her grandparents enough to leave her alone with any of them even.   But i digress.

anyway, they had/were supposed to have a playgroup at the civic center today at 10.  i’ve never gone before & i came 15 minutes early, walked around & then spent 15 min hanging around children’s cove–where i figured they would meet.  nothing.   one family was all saw the whole time.  it seems silly but it felt like being picked last to play a game on the playground.   and that’s why it’s silly :).   I’m so blessed that that’s the worst thing to happen today!

On a side note, i’ve got my mom site up, complete with message boards and calendar.  If you’re in Traverse City (or even if you aren’t), come check it out — http://www.motheringtc.com.
Bones has also posted (or will be posting) another Lil’ Bit video from last night on YouTube.  It’s under the username ironkeep.

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