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I’ve been struggling with keeping my counters and other surfaces clutter free for quite a long time.    They seem to have their own gravitational pull!   They were clean in early-May and until yesterday, they were a disaster again.    I “cleaned” yesterday and put the bread maker away and got rid of the knife block thinking that stuff on the counter = more stuff on the counter.

After cleaning out the under-stair storage yesterday, I came upstairs and found the clothes that I needed to return strewn about the floor.   Then it hit me.    Dagny!    That’s why my surfaces are always covered in stuff.    Before I had her, my surfaces were clean because I piled things on the floor.   Now I have to pile things higher so she doesn’t get into them.

Now I just need to figure out how to stop generating piles of stuff to deal with.    And here I thought I was making progress but I’m just shuffling around piles.   sigh….

If you have any tips for dealing with the myriad of junk that comes into ones home, particularly if you have a piler tendancy, please share!

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