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One of my FAVORITE websites, 5 Minutes for Mom, is giving away a Strider Running Bike selected from people who write a blog post about your first bike.    Go here for more information and to enter!

I still remember my first bike.   I was a pink Schwinn with a white banana seat with little yellow and pink flowers.    It had a white basket on the handlebars and had pedal brakes.    It was also a 24″ bike.   I was 5.    It was WAAAAAY too big for me (I think dad had bought it).   I remember he put blocks of wood on both sides of the pedals with black electrical tape so that I could reach them.    I must have still had a hard time, even with training wheels because I remember having a smaller purple bike later and then getting the pink one back.     That pink bike was the last bike I had before I moved to college and got my Huffy 20-speed (which I am still using).

What was your first bike?    Do you still have it?

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