It’s finally been nice enough here in the last week that I have gone to bed exhausted nearly every night this week.

On Tuesday night, Al & I walked downtown to get dinner and decided to walk down the “new” Boardman Lake Trail.   It’s a beautiful trail and we will definitely be going again.   While on that walk “” came back on the map & I think we will be launching that soon.  I think we walked close to 8 miles that day.   At the end of summer that isn’t much but we were a bit tired when we finally got home.

On Wednesday night, we had some friends over for dinner after their softball game and we decided to walk up to his office.   It wasn’t that far, but we didn’t get back until 11:00 — way past my bedtime.

Friday, we decided to walk down the DQ along the TART trail.   It was another 5 mile walk, putting our total up around 16 miles in 3 days.   We also found another trail that we’ve never seen before that we are going to add to our list.

Yesterday, we went on a trek.   We got our bikes out and rode out to the DeYoung Conservancy along the TART & Leelanau Trails.  It was very cool and I took a bunch of pictures.  We’d never done the last 1/2 of that trail either and found a few cool side jaunts to do in the future.   We also walked about .25 miles through the Cedar Lake Loop while we were out there and then had a picnic in the field.

We also did some yard work yesterday – I added a border, removed grass from a new flowerbed, planted some shady wildflower seeds and Al mowed the lawn.    I’m pretty sore between my butt (from the bike ride) and my back (from the yard work).

So what’s in store for today?   I’m not sure, but based on my motivation to work this AM (I’m up at 8:00!!), I have a feeling I will be working on our various sites and doing some of Al’s bookkeeping.


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