Well, as you can see by the ticker at the bottom, I’m starting to get the hang of how the exchanges work. These were my numbers as of Monday, 12/18. Lucky for me, it’s that lovely time of month when, among other things, I have NO desire to eat anything. Just in time for Christmas feasting! It’s a good thing, too, because I haven’t been exercising at ALL this week. I’ve either been working late (mon/tues) or had friends over for dinner (wed).

Al & I have a cruise booked for the week after Easter and we were looking at excursions today. He mentioned that one of them was a nice and secluded beach that provides an opportunity for nude sunbathing, if that’s what floats your boat. I think I’d only go topless, but a beach where I’d be showing that much off… well, I’ve decided to get a personal trainer to tone up the floppy bits. I’ve been slacking pretty bad since early summer and I don’t thing there is a firm spot left on me anywhere. Luckily, Meghan, a personal trainer who I used to have TaeKwonDo with, has ONE opening left. It’s at 7 am so although I don’t LIKE it, I can probably DO it. I’ll check with Joni when we have lunch tomorrow.

Today was a monumental day. I think I may have successfully made The Christmas Cake. It was only 1 inch shy of the top of the pan, which is MUCH better than previous years. I had to reference my AB (alton brown) DVD’s to figure out the best way to make an angel food cake. So long as I didn’t tip it over too hard when I flipped the pan to cool, I should be good. It only took 5 years to get the stupid thing right. I hate egg whites. This cake has a 3 hour prep before it even gets to the oven! Okay, maybe it was only 2 hours but still! It has to cool upside down for 3 hours before I can even take it out of the pan (AB says so), so I’ll have to make the frosting tomorrow. I think I usually put it on while it’s still kind of warm. More egg whites! But only 2, not 7 :).

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