I say broke into but really, the car was unlocked.   I haven’t had a problem since I lived in this house.  

It was stupid; the feeling of violation over less than $5.00 in change and a CD holder 1/2 full of CD’s copies (I got smart after I had several $1000.00 of CD’s stolen from my car when I first moved to the area).

You could tell it was just a crime of the moment.  He emptied out my console looking for something worth something and all he found was maxipads, napkins and car clean wipes.   He took MOST of the change–apparently in his haste he didn’t realize that the cup holders come OUT and it could be dumped :).   He took the wallet of copied CD’s but left the 4-5 originals on the visor flap.   He also emptied out the middle console and found nothing but mints – Dork.

Makes me glad I keep my car clean.    I’m not sure what the damage was on my husbands or brother’s car (he moved in yesterday–great timing 🙁 ).

What a loser.   I hope he got his cheap thrills for his $15.00 worth of bootie and I hope next time he tries it, he ends up getting caught and scared shitless.   I’m all about karma; he’ll eventually get what’s coming to him.

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