Yesterday was an immensely satisfying day. I lounged around in bed for quite some time, enjoying the sun that has FINALLY decided to reveal itself while snuggled under the toasty, cozy blankets… We ate a leisurely breakfast and listened to our birds before we went for a walk in the relatively warm sunshine. It was a balmy 50 degrees in the Great White North.

On our journey we found a store that not only has a globe, but has a plethora of them & it’s only about a block from our house. We visited Bones’ aunt, bought some fun stuff at the hat store downtown, ate lunch at one of the bars– basically just soaked up the sunshine and wandered all around town. It really made me impatient for summer – my hands and ears got cold on the way home.

When we returned home, I went through all of our old photographs and we (I made Bones help with this part) picked out photos from our wedding reception to put in our wedding album. We actually had to weed some out from our finalists and have hundreds more that need to be put into scrapbook pages or photo albums. There were some great photos and we had a lot of fun looking at them. I think it was actually better to wait a few years before putting those pictures in the album. We were able to pick friends and family that have remained close and I’m sure many of those people will remain near and dear to our hears for years to come. It was kind of nice going through all those photographs of our wedding and of our friends and family. We don’t get to see some of them nearly often enough, so it was nice to be able to look back at them.

All and all, it was a very satisfying day spent with my favorite person on earth… if only every day could be like that…

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