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love language valentines day gifts for girls

Being a bit of a personality test junkie, my husband and I found that The Five Love Languages were super helpful in meeting each other’s needs.  It was only natural that we try to determine the love languages of our children, too.  My personal love language (well, one of them) is gifts.  This year, I decided to try to come up with gift ideas that fit the love languages of my daughters.

Here are 5 ideas for Valentine’s Day gifts for girls–1 for each love language!

Quality Time

If your daughter values time with you (and most younger ones do), a special one-on-one date would be right up her alley.  If you can’t make a regular date happen consider letting her stay up after the others are in bed for a little alone time.  You can let them pick the activity or pick a special surprise.

Before I had so many bottles I could open a nail salon, I used to love to buy them nail polish. Now, they are just stoked to spend time with me being girly and actually getting to use it all.  If you want something to open, look for printable valentine coupons on Pinterest.

Acts of Service

This is another gift that is best utilized with a coupon book.  For your daughter who craves acts of service, you could serve her for a day or provide a coupon book for things she would appreciate.  My oldest would love an “out” of her chores or dreaded school subjects for a day.  My youngest would love for me to go and get her clothes & dress her.


My kids (and hubby) all seem to have touch as one of their love languages. And I am not a touchy-feely kind of person. A gift for those who crave more physical contact than I provide would be a coupon book of extra hugs, kisses, and snuggle time.  You could also perform some sort of act of touch like a foot rub, brushing/braiding hair, or snuggling while watching a movie or reading a book.

Words of affirmation

My oldest is just a bit too young for this idea, but I love the idea of a journal where you & your daughter can write notes to each other. Present it with a list of things you love about her–one for each year of age. You could also write little love notes. I love these Kids Love Notes from DaySpring & have several sets.

If you are a gift giver (like me), a locket or necklace could be appropriate, as could a piece of art.  For Christmas, I bought one of my daughters a sign that said “Be Yourself.  No one does it better.”  Keep an eye out for items like this if words of affirmation is your daughter’s love language.


For the child who actually enjoys a gift more than most, check out this list I shared last year for clutter-free Valentine’s Day gifts. You could also get them a piece of jewelry, hair accessories, fun socks, or a gift card.

To kick it up a notch, take some extra care in wrapping it.  Use fancy paper or pretty ribbon or bows.  It doesn’t have to be expensive–the dollar store has gorgeous bows!  Pinterest has beautiful gift wrapping ideas.


I love to celebrate holidays and give gifts, but I am getting a bit sick of buying junk and sugar.  Having a list of ideas that correspond to my daughter’s love language makes the holidays and connecting with my girls easier.

Do you know your daughter’s love language? What would you suggest?

Jen S.

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