Okay, so I know that the holidays JUST ended, but toward the end of the month or into February, boredom will be setting in BIG TIME. Here is a list of fun celebrations and oddball mid-winter holidays for January & February.

mid-winter celebrations

January Holidays

Hot Tea Month
National Soup Month

2nd week – Letter Writing Week

1/4 – trivia day
1/6 – cuddle up day
1/8 – bubble bath day
1/15 – national hat day
1/19 – national popcorn day
1/21 – national hugging day
1/23 – national pie day
1/24 – compliment day
1/25 – opposite day
1/27 – chocolate cake day
1/28 – national kazoo day
1/29 – national puzzle day

more than just valentines day mid winter february holidays

February Holidays

Great American Pie Month
Nat’l Cherry Month

First Saturday – eat Ice Cream for Breakfast Day

2/4 – thank a mailman day
2/7 – send a card to a friend day
2/11 – make a friend day
2/17 – random act of kindness day
2/22 – walking the dog day
2/24 – national tortilla chip day
2/26 – tell a fairy tale day


What crazy holidays do you celebrate in winter to relieve the cabin fever?


Jen S.

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