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While it was not my intent to have two months of the saint picture book club one right after the other, I did want to stick with Molly’s SaintMail packages as much as possible AND share great Catholic books.  That’s just how it happened to shake out this time around.  If you have a busy Saturday (we do!), perhaps St. Brigid of Kildare will work better for you!  Her feast day is February 1!

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Brigid’s Cloak

Brigid’s Cloak is a beautiful book that has just come back into print in paperback.  Since I purchased mine early, I opted to buy a used hardcover & I’m glad I did.


Brigid’s Cloak tells the legend of a young girl born in Ireland in around 450AD.  At her birth, a Druid came out of the woods and wrapped her in a deep blue cloak, made a prophecy, and left.  One day, while tending to her animals on Christmas Eve, she was praying and found herself in Bethlehem, witnessing the birth of Jesus. Upon her return, she found that her cloak, which had been well-worn, was again a magnificent blue and covered in gold stars.

It’s a lovely story and very well told.  I’m a huge fan of stories that are so magical that they ignore the imagination.  Brigid’s Cloak is one of those.

Also, at the last minute I purchased St. Brigid and the Cows.   It hasn’t arrived yet, but should be here today.

St. Brigid Activities

Because St. Brigid was alive during the time when Druidism was popular, you will find many celebrating her as a goddess on Pinterest.  I have filtered through to find a few good activities on Catholic sites to commemorate her feast day.  If you have the time or inclination for a family celebration this Sunday, you could:

Do you have a favorite book or easy activity about St. Brigid?

Jen S.

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