This last week, my honey has been a road warrior.   While we have been blessed that he doesn’t have to travel for business often, he decided to attend a conference in Arizona.   And we all missed him dearly!    Even though he was gone, there were several things I did to make his absence more bearable for everyone.

Write him a note

I started a Love Journal after listening to Cindy Rushton’s Marriage Flight Plan.   I must confess that I had sat on the project for awhile.  The night before he left, I made a list of 12 things I loved about him and put it into his suitcase for him to find when he got there.

Hide treats in his suitcase

While I didn’t think to do this for this trip, in the past, I have hidden treats in his suitcase.  Just make sure that they aren’t liquid if he’s traveling by air — you don’t want him getting in trouble with the TSA!   I’ve put in a stuffed animal, candy, or pictures from the kids before.

Keep in contact

While he had been gone, we have talked in the morning, send text messages during the day, and talked before bed.

See Eye to Eye

Another way to lessen the impact of his absence is to have video chats, if possible.  We were up late the night before he left setting me up with a Skype account and making sure our iPad knock-off worked.    It was great for him to be able to see the kids while he was gone.

Make his return special

When he got back I made sure things were ready for him — the house was clean, the kids were clean and fed.  I also took special effort to wear a skirt and made sure I wore perfume.  We also ate a nice dinner when he returned and didn’t bother him with any issues until the next day.


For this week’s Serve Your Spouse Saturday mission, save this article.  Next time your hubby is on the road, think about what you can do to be with him even when he is gone and let him know that you are thinking of him.

What do you do for your road warrior?

Jen S.


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