I am a huge fan of having sets of things everywhere needed, even if that means I have more than one.   Included in that is a camper pantry.   I really hate not having things when I need them — makes me nutty.

In order to save my sanity (and keep critters out of my camper while stored), I bought a plastic shoebox that is my camper pantry.   In it, I keep containers of all my most used kitchen/food items that I don’t take out after each camping trip.

In mine, I include:

  • vinegar & baking soda (for cleaning & cooking)
  • vanilla
  • Canadian steak seasoning
  • pork and poultry seasoning
  • salt
  • pepper
  • Lawry’s
  • cooking oil (not pictured)
  • sugar (not pictured)

These are my most commonly used pantry items and at the beginning of every season, this shoebox goes in my camper for the season.   At the end of every season, I bring it in the house until next year.   I also bring the dish and hand soaps in and out every season.

If you camp, do you have a pantry like this?  What is in yours?

Jen S.




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