I got a new toy (Adobe Photoshop Elements 9–yes, I realize 10 just came out) and I’ve been playing with some graphic design and I’m loving it!   I wanted to offer you my first completed project.

Free House Rules Subway Art Printable – Purple

The original is a 16×16 file that I plan on getting mounted on canvas.  I haven’t uploaded it in quite that resolution, but you should be able to print it on an 8×11 page and frame it or decoupage it onto canvas.





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3 Comments on Free House Rules Subway Art Printable

  1. Lynda Lu
    12 December 2011 at 10:28 PM (9 years ago)

    Great early effort. I love the sentiment. thanks for sharing. I appreciate it.
    Was PSE9 difficult to learn. Is this your first experience with it?


    jen Reply:

    Well, I don’t know how difficult it is to learn, per se. I have a gift for picking up software pretty quickly. This is my first experience with it, but I took a Photoshop class several years ago in college which I think lessened my learning curve considerably. I’m still thinking about getting a book just so I can do more with it.


  2. Lena
    10 November 2011 at 12:31 PM (9 years ago)

    i have family rules on my mind and heart. i actually logged on this morning to reprint my family rules so that i can post them in our new house.

    i hope to someday make them a cute piece of art but i’ll have to settle on a printed sheet of paper for now. 🙂

    Pax – Lena


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