Quick & Easy Lunches

So lately I’ve decided to get back to planning our lunches because I’d like to get the girls to help and if I’m not organized, they can’t do it.

weekly lunch planning form

To help, I’ve made this weekly lunch planning form. There are spots to plan a lunch (or theme) for each day of the week plus 6 unlabeled boxes as the bottom to use as you see fit. I use them for food groups because I like variety within my meals. It also ensures that even picky eaters have an item or two the like.

If you pack lunches, it would be a great way to help kids pack their own lunches using options laid out on the chart. Alternately, you could lay out themes by days of the week and be specific in the boxes by day for 6 days a week. This could be helpful for older homeschoolers who help with lunch prep.

Big Lunch Idea List

If you are stuck on lunch planning, try this Big List of Lunch Ideas printable, as well as my 5 Tips for Quick and Easy Lunches that I wrote over at Homemakers Challenge last week.

What is your biggest lunchtime challenge?

Jen S.


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