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We had the best fireworks experience ever this year. We were on the ball and didn’t forget anything, including a few surprises I found for the kids.

As usual, it pays to have a packing list. I have to say up front, I live in Michigan and have always lived in a lake shore town. I don’t know how it works in communities with no water. That being said, here are my top 5 tips for a fabulous fireworks experience.

1. Bring your own pre-show.

We are in the land of no fun fireworks, but we brought 3 packages of sparklers (15+ boxes) and my 2 year old niece & 3 year old daughter had fun.   The older kids of our friends had even more fun :).

2.  Bring your own light up toys.

I found some glow in the dark bracelets at Michael’s.  A 10 pack for $1.   In the $1 section at Target, I found 2 necklaces in a pack.   They charge $5-8 each for those silly things at the fireworks!  Or they did when I was a kid.  They seem to be selling LED junk now.   Find a case of something at Oriental Trading and split it with your friends.

3.  Bring warm clothes & bug spray.

To get a good spot, you have to get there early enough that bugs aren’t out and stay late enough that it’s cold.  They are already up past bedtime, so I do everything I can to minimize the whine.

4.   Bring a swimsuit & change of clothes.

If there is water, the kids will be in it.  Period.  Let’s not torture ourselves or our kids by taking them to the beach & not letting them in the water.  This is a great event to be a “yes mom”.

Here is our full packing list for fireworks displays on the water, with kids.

Firework PL

So those are our family’s firework tips.  Do you do fireworks away from water?  Share your tips!

Jen S.



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