I have a handful of great daily deal sites for you this week! I’ve gotten fabulous deals on all of them & they are great sources for finding Christmas presents that are elegant AND inexpensive!

First up:

Zulily is a great site selling toys, clothing & anything else you can think of for mom & baby. I bought an awesome nursing dress there on the CHEAP. Like 1/2 off, cheap. And nursing dresses are upwards of $100 (usually).  Their sales run for 72 hours and then they are gone.

jasmere is another fabulous deal site.  Every day, they feature a unique, upscale product or website — designer jeans, gourmet foods, handmade jewelry and much more.  The best part?  As more people buy, the price keeps going down. No credit cards are charged until the feature ends, and everyone pays the same low price!  And you get $10 for everyone you refer!

Eversave is another daily deals site for places right in your backyard!   They have a local and/or national deal every day.   You aren’t limited to the deals in your location, either.   You can buy a deal from any city.   And eversave pays out $12.00 per referral.   Pretty nice, eh?

So go ahead and check them out! And if you sign up, I’d appreciate if you used the links above. They help me keep the site going :). Thanks for sticking with me!

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