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Two weeks ago, we discussed the partner section of our household notebook.  This time, we are discussing the parent section of our household notebook.

This is another tough one.   Obviously, kids extracurricular and school activities would go here.  If you homeschooled, your teacher’s planner(s) could as well.

Here are some other ideas for the Parenting section of the notebook.

  • a family mission statement, if you have one
  • family rules (should also be posted in the house)
  • chore schedules (for them)
  • school schedules
  • activity schedules
  • liturgical celebration ideas/dates
  • craft/rainy day ideas
  • future activities
  • area playdates, storytimes, etc.
  • information for daycare and/or babysitter(s)
  • health/allergy information

What would you add to the parenting section of your notebook?

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