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In our last section, we discussed contents for the personal section of our household notebooks.  This time, we are putting together section three – Partner.

This is, by far, the smallest section of my notebook.  Partially, because my husbands needs are pretty simple:  food, time with me, hockey.  Not necessarily in that order ;).  But also partially because, while I wish I did better, this is probably the area of life that suffers most — especially with my 2 year old.  I have to really WORK to spend any time here.

As we discussed when doing the book study, you COULD include meal planning and weight management here as Holly suggests (I don’t).

Ideas for the partner section of your household notebook:

  • a list of favorite meals, cheap date nights, etc. for when you make alone time
  • sports schedules  — it’s nice to be able to cheer hubby on if he plays or plan around sports schedules if that’s something he is passionate about, you know, as long as it’s not every sport ever!
  • menus for his favorite take-out and/or lunch places
  • his schedule, so you can plan dinners, etc. around his meetings and other events
  • a list of things that your husband would like help with or things that really make a difference (i.e. irritate him if not done).

What kinds of things would you put in your Partner section?

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