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Building a Household Notebook: Section 5 – Provider

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Last time we discussed the parenting section of your household notebook.  This time we are discussing the provider section of the notebook.  You know, the easy part :).

Personally, my notebook has some extra tabs in this section because I have both my money management in here, as well as meal planning which have quite a large number of pages in their own right.  I also have my Flylady (modified) zone cleaning lists, as well as seasonal chores.  I also have a list of what kinds of items go on sale during what months in there, too.

You could also have:

  • your work schedule
  • lists of clothing needed for each person
  • clothing sizes for each family member
  • cleaning to-do’s
  • cleaning recipes
  • shopping coupon codes/deal sites
  • menu planning/grocery lists
  • checkbook/financial tracking
  • bills to pay
  • items to fix around house
  • items desired around house (furniture, storage solutions, whatever bugs you when you walk around the house)
  • wish lists — for everyone
  • gift planning (Christmas, birthdays, graduations, weddings, showers, etc.)

What other items would YOU add to this section that would help you be a good steward in the areas of food, clothing, shelter, and financial responsibility?

Building a Household Notebook: Section 4 – Parent

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Two weeks ago, we discussed the partner section of our household notebook.  This time, we are discussing the parent section of our household notebook.

This is another tough one.   Obviously, kids extracurricular and school activities would go here.  If you homeschooled, your teacher’s planner(s) could as well.

Here are some other ideas for the Parenting section of the notebook.

  • a family mission statement, if you have one
  • family rules (should also be posted in the house)
  • chore schedules (for them)
  • school schedules
  • activity schedules
  • liturgical celebration ideas/dates
  • craft/rainy day ideas
  • future activities
  • area playdates, storytimes, etc.
  • information for daycare and/or babysitter(s)
  • health/allergy information

What would you add to the parenting section of your notebook?

Building a Household Notebook: Section 3 – Partner

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In our last section, we discussed contents for the personal section of our household notebooks.  This time, we are putting together section three – Partner.

This is, by far, the smallest section of my notebook.  Partially, because my husbands needs are pretty simple:  food, time with me, hockey.  Not necessarily in that order ;).  But also partially because, while I wish I did better, this is probably the area of life that suffers most — especially with my 2 year old.  I have to really WORK to spend any time here.

As we discussed when doing the book study, you COULD include meal planning and weight management here as Holly suggests (I don’t).

Ideas for the partner section of your household notebook:

  • a list of favorite meals, cheap date nights, etc. for when you make alone time
  • sports schedules  — it’s nice to be able to cheer hubby on if he plays or plan around sports schedules if that’s something he is passionate about, you know, as long as it’s not every sport ever!
  • menus for his favorite take-out and/or lunch places
  • his schedule, so you can plan dinners, etc. around his meetings and other events
  • a list of things that your husband would like help with or things that really make a difference (i.e. irritate him if not done).

What kinds of things would you put in your Partner section?

Building a Household Notebook: Section 2 – Personal

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A few weeks ago, we went over the Prayer section of your household notebook.  This time, we will be looking at the Personal section of your notebook.

Anything related to your person should be in this section of the notebook.  In my personal notebook, I have my blogging schedule (because really, whose husbands or kids REALLY care about blogging) and notes.   I also have my gym class schedule, childcare hours at the gym, etc.

Here are some areas to consider when putting together the “taking care of you” section of your household notebook:

  • Mom’s group schedules
  • Mom’s Night Out dates
  • Exercise schedules
  • Spa or Salon information (hours, stylists, pricing, etc.)
  • Hobby information (craft ideas, etc).

What other things would you add to this section of your household notebook that help you keep your sanity?


Household Notebook: Section 1 – Prayer

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Last time, we built our routines.  This time, we are going to start working on the bones of the notebook.  If you were following along with the Mother’s Rule of Life book study, you probably already have much of this information in one form or another.  This is going to be your go-to book for everything you need to do or reference regularly to run your household efficiently.

The first section is the most important but also, probably the easiest because there is only one thing to be concerned with–your relationship with God.    The very first thing you need is a prayer plan.   Again, if you followed along with the MROL book study, you remember that I linked to this Mother’s Liturgy of the Hours workbook sample page from Holly Pierlot.  This is the perfect page to set up the prayer that you will do in a day, what type and where.  If you are not currently praying, aim for 5 minutes in the AM, 15 in the middle of the day, and 5 minutes in the PM.   Add 5 minutes to each session monthly and in 3 months, you will be tithing your time, too!

I also read somewhere that you should focus your spiritual study to your 5 favorite subjects.  Once you start living and loving your faith, it’s easy to spread yourself too thin and dilute your efforts.   My personal top 5 topics are:

  1. Living my vocation (wife & mother)
  2. Catechism of the Catholic Church
  3. Studies & books that incorporate the Daily Liturgy
  4. The Liturgical Year and activities to make a domestic church
  5. Apologetics

Other things you could include in the prayer section of your household notebook are:

  • Prayer Requests
  • Prayer Journal (prayers requested & answered)
  • Religious Item Wish List (books, icons, etc.)
  • Schedules (mass, adoration, bible studies, confession, etc.)
  • Practices you would like to incorporate NOW
  • Future wish lists for a different season of life (i.e. when it’s a good time for the family)
  • Virtues you would like to cultivate
  • Notes for spiritual direction

The goal of this exercise is to STREAMLINE your home and make it MORE organized, not less.   If an area doesn’t apply, don’t clutter your notebook with it.   Ideally, this will be your go to resource.  As such, if you don’t use it, pull it out!   It should be easy to cull this section if you are using it frequently.

Next time, we will address the section of your notebook dedicated to personal items.

What types of things would you/do you include in this section of your binder?