Well, so far, I haven’t gained. Until yesterday, I was at a 1.5 lb loss. After re-reading my CR (food journal, among other things) I realized I consumed a TON of calories from drink – large pop from subway, a can of pop, 2 glasses of Tang… Bummer. Otherwise, I didn’t do so bad yesterday even when you include nibbling during the unplanned 3 hour Chex Mix marathon last night. It’s also got me exercising on a regular basis. It’s a good thing, too, because our first contest is exercise minutes/day – starting tomorrow.

My biggest problem thus far (the bible study hasn’t started yet) is that I have trouble getting enough water. I just can’t find anything that motivates me to drink. I’m tempted to buy the flylady glass from her website. Maybe I’ll suggest it to DH and see if it ends up in my stocking…

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