Last Monday’s weigh-in was NOT what I had anticipated.  I actually gained .5 lbs after being down 1.5 in the middle of the week.   I completely blew it on the weekend.

I decided that this week I need a PLAN for the weekend so that I don’t wander through my kitchen wondering what I should do/eat next….   SO, we ran errands last night and then had a leisurely evening at home with DH.   Today, I worked a bit and we will be going to a friends house to give them their x-mas gifts and visit.   Then in the evening we have an x-mas concert across the street from our house.

Tomorrow is a little less planned.   Usually we take our time getting up, eat breakfast, hang out a bit then go to noon mass.   After that, I’ll probably go grocery shopping.

That’s what I should do…Make my grocery list/menu plan.  But I digress.  Anyway, it’s been slow and though I’ve wacked my calorie consumption, I don’t feel hungry (veggies & water are VERY filling) and I still have energy to exercise.   I did Tae Bo 3 times this week and realized I wasn’t as out of shape as I’d feared.   I remember a time when I couldn’t make it through the whole basic program.    Even after not doing it for years, I haven’t let myself slide that far, so that’s good.   I was HORRIBLY sore after the first time, but not the rest.

Hopefully, I won’t blow it this weekend and will be able to post a new ticker showing some loss :).


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