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This month we received a book from Tommy Mommy that was a TOTAL hit. We’ve liked many of the books we’ve received, but I Love You All the Same has been loved above the rest. I Love You All the Same is a padded board-ish book. It’s not full on board pages, but more like an extra thick card stock or thin cardboard. Anyway you look at it equals durability for this book that has been well-loved at our house.

I Love You All the Same is a beautifully illustrated story about a bear family with 3 siblings who are a brown bear, a polar bear and a panda bear. Inspired by Donna Keith’s daughter’s interracial family, I Love You All the Same tells the story of how each bear is different from the other, but they all love each other.

While the book is intended to address the external differences in adoptive families, I thought it was fabulous in addressing the personality & talents of siblings. We are always explaining that certain things might not seem fair because each of our children is different and need to be dealt with differently. For instance, one child might have given time outs where the other was given laps or chores. Its also how we explain why your sister gets gymnastics lessons but you get art classes.

I love the message, but 3 year old loves the story & illustrations. The 6 year old puts down the book SHE’S reading to come over about 1/2 the time and our one year old comes over for I Love You All the Same, too, at times. He doesn’t do that frequently, so I call it high praise :). It’s a fabulous book about differences, even outside of families and animal lovers will learn about bears with a little bit of character thrown in ;).

You can see a preview of the style & illustrations for I Love You All the Same. If you would like to win a copy, please use the widget below.

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