***This post originally appeared in the Summer 2014 issue of Traverse Bay Family Magazine. It has been reprinted with permission.***

If you are looking for some quick and easy crafts for Father’s Day, here are 3 simple projects for kids of all ages & abilities.


For the Littles:  Fishing You a Happy Father’s Day Card

You will need:

• blue construction paper
• a contrasting color of construction paper
• tissue paper squares/scraps, various colors
• Googly eye (optional)
• school glue or glue stick
• scissors
• marker/pen


1. Cut a large fish out of white construction paper
2. Glue onto blue construction paper.
3. Draw a fish hook near the fishes mouth.
4. Write “Fishing you a Happy Father’s Day” in a clear spot on the blue construction paper.
5. Cut or tear various colors of tissue paper into approximately 1″ pieces.
6. Glue pieces of tissue paper to fish.
7. Let dry. Add googly eye (optional).

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For the Middles: I Love You…Accordion Card

You will need:

• 2 different colors of construction paper
• markers
• glue
• scissors


1. Trace your hand twice on one of the colors of construction paper and cut them out.
2. Cut a long, narrow strip out of the other color. About 1″ x 12″.
3. Accordion fold the narrow strip at least 11 times.
4. On the top hand, write “I love you”
5. in each square of the long strip, write a letter, spelling out “this much!”
6. Glue the accordion strip to both hands so that they are facing in the same direction.


For the Bigs:  Fingerprint Fish Card

You will need:

• watercolor paper
• watercolors
• acrylic or finger paint
• construction paper
• glue
• black felt tipped pen or fine tipped sharpie


1. Cut out a 5×7 piece of watercolor paper.
2. Cut out a frame of the construction paper, slightly larger than the watercolor paper.
3. Glue watercolor paper to construction paper & let dry.
4. Paint the watercolor paper blue leaving a 1″ strip of white at the top and being careful not to saturate the paper.
5. Let dry.
6. Using various colors of acrylic or finger paint, place several finger or thumbprints throughout the page.
7. Let dry.
8. Using a fine tipped sharpie or a black felt tip pen, draw creatures from the thumbprints (birds, fishes, frogs, etc.)


What are your favorite Father’s Day Crafts for kiddos?


Jen S.

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