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Around Christmas last year, I was emailed by a young author & entrepreneur who inquired about the possibility of reviewing her book, A Titanic Hero.  Cady Crosby’s book about Fr. Thomas Byles is sold both on her website http://www.TitanicHeroes.com and as supplemental reading over at Catholic Heritage Curricula for eighth grade.

In addition to the book, there is also a DVD, a study guide & training cards.  Catholic homeschoolers Cady & Benjamin Crosby formed Titanic Heroes, a non-profit organization whose mission is to teach, challenge & inspire others to live by the 3G principles:  Give what you have, give more than you take, and give it your all.   The tell the stories of heroes throughout history including the Titanic, the USAT Dorchester and nurses during WWI.

A Titanic Hero is a work of historical fiction.  It’s not a long book–only 72 pages total, but its a very well written book.  The reading level is probably about 2nd or 3rd grade, though the topic is probably better saved for a couple years beyond that for full impact.   Ms. Crosby painted a wonderful picture of faith in God, providence and serving as you are able through the life of Fr. Thomas Byles.  Her skill at being able to weave together his fictional story with the historical facts and letters she was able to find was extremely well done.

While my first grader is capable of reading it, I will probably save it until we get to modern history.  A Titanic Hero would be great as extra reading for Classical, Charlotte Mason & Unit Study styles of education.  Though the hero is a Catholic priest, it could be read by any faith tradition looking for historical fiction with character.  I haven’t seen the supplemental materials so I can’t speak to the contents of those.  I recommend this book to all Catholic Homeschoolers and can’t wait to get to this period of history :).

Jen S.

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