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Whether you know someone who is a new mom for the first time, or someone is a new mom again, help is always needed.   Here are some ways that people have really been helpful to me over the years.

Run to the Store

When a new baby arrives, its easy to run out of the basics like bread, milk, and eggs because they are so easy to prepare!  If you are there or are running to the store, you could probably bring over basics like this and be perfectly welcome.   This is especially true if you eat similar to them and can bring over something that they go out of their way to get.

You could also call and ask if they are out of anything when you are in the neighborhood.  If you want to go the extra mile, ask for the UPC or pick up an empty to match.  People are probably not as picky (unless there are allergies), but it’s always comforting to have what you are used to having!


When I was a new mom for the first time, I had no idea how hard cooking would be with a newborn.  I had a friend or two bring me a meal and it was a lifesaver!!   Now I create freezer-stocking lists and think ahead about easy dinner preparation.   A great option is to bring a meal over that is ready to heat and eat.

Alternately, if you want to throw a shower for a second, third or even tenth baby, how about suggesting freezer meals as a gift — just make sure they have room in their freezer!  I ran out before I got my Stock The Freezer list completed this time :D.  And don’t forget breakfast and lunch options either!



If they have other children and you are comfortable with it, offer to watch their other children or have them over for a playdate.    ASK what they’d prefer — all day, overnight, a playdate or even just an hour for a nap.   But please, don’t offer if your kids have been sick!



If they are a good friend, you know what chores they hate.  Do those!   Or ask if they’d rather have someone do x or y chore, if you don’t know. Some people are particular about certain things.  For instance, I hate cleaning my kitchen and it drives me nuts to the nth-degree when people put things back in the wrong place.  It took 3 years to find a veggie peeler my brother put away when he lived with us for a semester.  I’d rather they clean and put everything that’s home is not obvious (like silverware and regularly used plates), in a spot for me to put away properly.  You know, so I can find it :).

I’ve also heard of church groups coming in and doing a cleaning blitz and just taking care of everything — dishes, laundry, bathrooms, vacuuming, etc.  This would be a wonderful blessing!   This baby, I decided to hire a cleaning crew.  I’ve been pretty good about cleaning lately and hubby has gotten used to it :).


Pharmacy Run

Inevitably, someone gets sick or needs to deal with something unexpected as far as health goes.   If you hear of or notice (on Facebook, perhaps) that they are having a problem you can help with, feel free to offer.

With my first baby, a friend grabbed a tincture called More Mother’s Milk for me from the local health food store.  I’m so glad she did!   While I’m now familiar with the store, it would have taken forever for me to find it.   I had no idea what a tincture WAS, where to find it, what the display would look like or even what part of the store it would be in.   That was more helpful than anything else anyone did during that time (unless you include actually nursing my baby while everyone waited for my milk to come in!)

If you know of something that might help, especially if it’s hard to find or the person is unfamiliar with it and how to use it, offer to go get it and show them how to use it.

What awesome things have others done for you after the birth of a new baby?   What did you have loved for someone to have done for you?

Jen S.



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