Babies are notoriously hard to buy for! They outgrow things so quickly and you can never be sure what will be a hit. Here are some great toy ideas that will not only amuse a little baby, but will entertain them for at least a few years.

1. Stacking Cups

Stacking cups are a great toy for building dexterity. The colors are usually bright and engaging for little ones. They almost never break and can be stacked as they get older. I recently found an AWESOME set of stacking cups on Amazon that have animal faces and holes in the bottom making them a great tub toy that won’t get icky. I love multipurpose toys!


2. Baby Phone & Keys

Baby’s LOVE to have what you have and my little ones love having their own phone and set of keys. My babies always liked the First Years Learning Curve First Keys Teether best because there are lots of them and they make a GREAT noise when jiggled. For phones, they like the flip phones best, because they had something to manipulate besides the buttons. Unfortunately, they don’t make the one I originally bought anymore, but the Fisher Price Flip Phone is pretty close. The best part? You can get both for about $15.


3. Play Dishes

Even a baby under 12 months is enjoys playing with play dishes. They love the spoons when they are teething and the little cups and dishes are just the right size for their little hands. My favorite play dishes are made by Green Toys because their toys are such high quality. Not only are they quality but they are made in the USA of recycled milk jugs! Boys up to age 3 or so will still play with dishes, especially if there is a play kitchen to go with it.


4. Little People

You can have a lot, or have a little but all babies love Little People. We’ve had several different sets over the years and the most popular are the house and Noah’s ark. The people are a great size for little hands and toddlers love to explore the house. Noah’s ark is great because you can get lots of animals and you can even sort them into pairs. A farm set or the learning zoo is a good alternative to Noah’s ark.


What are your favorite baby toy suggestions?

Jen S.




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